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How to set correct GMT Offset in Forex Trend Detector

March 20, 2017

Due to its trading logic Forex Trend Detector doesn't need a GMT offset in order to work properly. It only needs a correct GMT offset for backtesting. If you want to backtest Forex Trend Detector then you must set the winter GMT offset of your broker in the robot's settings. The parameter is called Backtest_GMT_Offset.

For example if your broker winter GMT offset is +2 then you have to set:


If you are not sure about the GMT offset of your broker you can ask your broker support team. We are sure they will help you. 

Some brokers don't change their GMT offset during winter and summer. Such brokerage companies have one same GMT offset all the time. In such situation you cannot make a mistake.

In case that you have a question or problems about setting correct GMT offset in Forex Trend Detector don't hesitate to comment below or contact our support team. 

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